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Iam now porn addicted hehe thanks :P

I’m not even sorry haha


Big Outdoor Facial for German Amateur Teen


What kids do after school before parents get home.

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they fuck and she squirts in his face

i need a girl like this in my life

Wish I could squirt.  Would be fun to switch roles with him and pull out and cum on his face for a change.  ;)  -Her

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Some dominant women use ruined orgasms as a method to drain their chaste husbands. If he isn’t drained every 21-28 days, accidents may happen.

Ruining a male orgasm is usually done by abandoning the stimulation of his penis at the point of no return, thus minimizing his pleasure. At the same time you apply some sharp pain, preferably to his balls, causing discomfort and pain instead of pleasure. He will unload his semen but without experiencing any pleasure.

My wife however prefers prostate milkings over ruined orgasms for several reasons. The main reason being that an orgasm isn’t involved at all…

I found this short clip in a forum a while ago. It’s the work of the incredible Barefoot Princess. If you like this clip you should check out her video store and support her work by buying some of her material.

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Wife ruining her husband’s orgasm on the beach.

More ruined orgasms here.

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Omg I love your blog. Your blog made me squirt everywhere :$

So send me the video ;)


This just might be the hottest femsub orgasm control vid I’ve ever seen!!!

She’s not allowed to cum while he keeps the vibe pressed on her clit and feels her twitch on his fingers. The video is real (not professional) with fantastic lighting so you can see her stomach clench and her hand nearly tearing the sheets in her efforts to not cum without permission!


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